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The Beatles (The Celebrated Studio Recordings) Stereo Field Role
the beatles (The Celebrated Studio Recordings) Stereo Field Role

Digitally remastered 17 disc field space (16 CDs + DVD) containing all 14 usual Beatles albums launched between 1963 and 1970 plus the two CD Previous Masters sequence of non-album tracks and a bonus DVD containing the total mini documentaries that will almost definitely be found as enhanced tracks on every of the particular person…
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The Beatles Anthology
the beatles Anthology

THE BEATLES' STORY AS TOLD BY THE BEATLES THEMSELVES. THE ORIGINAL 8 VHS TAPE SET SPANS 4 DVDS AND THE 5TH DISC CONTAINS PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN MATERIAL EXCLUSIVE TO THIS DVD PACKAGE.Once a fan, continuously a fan--and there isn't very any larger reward for the most devoted than this entire compilation!In-depth disc boxed place of abode…
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1 [Remixed/Remastered]
1 [Remixed/Remastered]

The Beatles '1' became as soon as at the birth released in 2000 and quick grew to alter into the quickest selling album of all time. That contains 27 of the band's most valuable singles, all of which reached #1 within the US or UK charts, this as a lot as this level CD version…
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The Beatles: 1962-1966
the beatles: 1962-1966

Digitally remastered two CD digipak reissue of this traditional Beatles compilation spanning the years 1962-1966. At the delivery released in 1973, the 'Crimson' series was as soon as released on the side of the 'Blue' compilation, which interested by the band's later years, 1967-1970. Each releases were vastly kindly and remain two of the easiest…
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For the closing Fab Four series, here’s all of their long-established EMI (UK) albums in a sexy sad oak rolltop field and with a typical booklet. Entails every song they originally launched from 1962-1970.Disc 1
1. I Saw Her Standing There – 2:55
2. Misery – 1:50
3. Anna (Mosey to Him) – 2:57

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well this morning I received an email the beatles stereo box set it’s all of their albums remastered i’m quite excited so this is the way it looks you open it up here it’s very nice it opens here on the side I had my wife Deb figure that up for me because I was wondering if it came up either in but she just went like this it’s like a magnet thing but I’ll try and get some close-ups here at the end but it’s main I looked and then it’s got all of their albums on CD remastered mmm the beatles very first album Please Please Me with love me do and twelve other ants and each CD album has a very nice booklet in it with the right up there is pictures and I have not listened to any of the CDs but from what I have heard the sound quality is much improved over the CDs from years ago so that’s Please Please Me and then next came with the beatles and of course again another nice booklet with a write-up and lots of pictures and it’s got songs like it won’t be long all my loving please mr. postman roll over Beethoven money and each one of these CDs also has a little mini documentary embedded in the CD just kind of cool the third album was a hard day’s night it’s again a very nice package clipped and then the fourth album / CD the beatles for safe and this included no reply I am a loser babies and black rock’n’roll music eight days a week and a few other songs and the fifth album and let me explain one little thing that some of you might not be aware of when the beatles albums came out in the 60s they were different in the States than in Britain the British albums were what the beatles want then Capitol Records in the states they would chop up the albums just so they could make more albums so then you would have liked the beatles yesterday and today which included songs from a couple or two or three of their other albums and of course the Elton’s were short or two so this is the these are all the UK albums mmm this one has helped and of course it’s got the mini documentary and help you’ve got to hide your love away ticket to ride yesterday and many more next up is the beatles Rubber Soul now this this one was quite interesting because when I was growing up listening to Rubber Soul as a youngster not that I’m old the opening song on it was I’ve just seen a face but in actuality in the UK and the way the beatles wanted up the opening song is Drive my car so next came revolver and then sergeant pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club whole sorry revolver half like taxman here there and everywhere Yellow Submarine good day sunshine and of course Tomorrow Never Knows probably my second favorite all-time favorite Beatles the beatles Sergeant Pepper and this one is really colourful via what now it’s in color and make bought this at Amazon dot for 189 so I think that was a pretty good price okay now we go on to magical mystery tour and this included magical mystery tour the flew on the hill I am The Walrus hello goodbye strawberry fields forever Penny Lane and all you need is love and a few more hits because the beatles did have a few hits and now possibly my favorite Beatles album the beatles the beatles which is also known as The White Album what’s really cool about this is if you can see yet it’s embossed just like the original vinyl albums were and then you open it up here and there’s the printing of up beats but this cover here is embossed just cool this is of course a double album double CD and it originally came with these feet by 10 photographs which of course you don’t get here but what’s kind of cool too besides the booklet is you get the mini poster of the original poster that you got them got in the white oh there it is there the lyrics on the back so that’s very nice you just wonder if in 40 years they’re gonna do the same thing to Nickelback and that’s Cain although I think this was up before the way the beatles Yellow Submarine soundtrack and what inside of thus on the original vinyl was just the Orcas orchestra music from George Martin the producer and the Selden contains Yellow Submarine of course plus only a northern song altogether now able dog it’s all too much one of my favorite George Harrison songs and of course all you need is love that’s pretty cool and this is the last album that the beatles recorded but it was not the last album that the beatles released of course Abbey Road which is probably tied with the white Hilton for my favorite because all them go and of course come together something here comes the Sun that’s not on pardon me so that’s the Eagles a beer and of course it’s got all the original artwork that was the actual back cover for the album very nice now this came out after the beatles broke up let it be which is their last album but of course it the material was recorded beforehand and there is there and what was neat about this when it came out in 1970 on vinyl it came with a book and so I think the book can be bought like the original Elton what the book can be bought an Amla on eBay now for like $500 or whatever let’s let it be and that’s gone of course let it be across the uniform and across the universe get back and many more and then to end it the beatles past masters now these are all the songs that did not make it onto the original studio albums of the beatles and it’s two CDs and just to show you how great the beatles were these are songs that were never on a studio album by the beatles they were just like 45 she loves you I want to hold your hand long tall Sally she’s a woman I feel fine day tripper we can work at a paperback writer lady Madonna Hey Jude Revolution don’t let me down The Ballad of John and Yoko across the universe and let it be of course a few of them did make it onto the studio albums but these are actually like for instance let it be on this is a different version than a zombie let it be el it’s quite technical actually so here it is yeah and last now the mini documentaries are embedded in each of the CDs a little I don’t know how long they are me before or 5 minutes and then they’re all together on the DVD the beatles the mini documentaries because I don’t think they’re going to be on the CDs for that long it’s just a limited time so you get that’s to the beatles mini documentaries so all in all a very nice package and well worth if you like the beatles like I do I don’t actually like the beatles I love the difference so thank you and I hope you enjoyed watch you