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The Beatles (The Celebrated Studio Recordings) Stereo Field Role
the beatles (The Celebrated Studio Recordings) Stereo Field Role

Digitally remastered 17 disc field space (16 CDs + DVD) containing all 14 usual Beatles albums launched between 1963 and 1970 plus the two CD Previous Masters sequence of non-album tracks and a bonus DVD containing the total mini documentaries that will almost definitely be found as enhanced tracks on every of the particular person…
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The Beatles Anthology
the beatles Anthology

THE BEATLES' STORY AS TOLD BY THE BEATLES THEMSELVES. THE ORIGINAL 8 VHS TAPE SET SPANS 4 DVDS AND THE 5TH DISC CONTAINS PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN MATERIAL EXCLUSIVE TO THIS DVD PACKAGE.Once a fan, continuously a fan--and there isn't very any larger reward for the most devoted than this entire compilation!In-depth disc boxed place of abode…
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1 [Remixed/Remastered]
1 [Remixed/Remastered]

The Beatles '1' became as soon as at the birth released in 2000 and quick grew to alter into the quickest selling album of all time. That contains 27 of the band's most valuable singles, all of which reached #1 within the US or UK charts, this as a lot as this level CD version…
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The Beatles: 1962-1966
the beatles: 1962-1966

Digitally remastered two CD digipak reissue of this traditional Beatles compilation spanning the years 1962-1966. At the delivery released in 1973, the 'Crimson' series was as soon as released on the side of the 'Blue' compilation, which interested by the band's later years, 1967-1970. Each releases were vastly kindly and remain two of the easiest…
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the beatles’ STORY AS TOLD BY the beatles THEMSELVES. THE ORIGINAL 8 VHS TAPE SET SPANS 4 DVDS AND THE 5TH DISC CONTAINS PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN MATERIAL EXCLUSIVE TO THIS DVD PACKAGE.As soon as a fan, constantly a fan–and there is no better reward for the most devoted than this whole compilation!
In-depth disc boxed location pays homage to their relationships, their skill, and the impact they had on the enviornment.
Revamped from the unusual 1995 TV program with extra photos and previously-unseen discipline cloth.
It is miles the definitive history of 1 in all the most influential bands of our time, told by the beatles themselves and these who knew them highest.
5 DVDs. Run time 600 minutes. In dusky & white and coloration. With Surround Sound.

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it’s the beatles stereo vinyl box set wait a minute I don’t have a turntable so I’m gonna have to go out and buy a turntable I’m just joking this will definitely definitely be a collector’s item because there were only 50,000 mate now of course the vinyl records don’t sell like they used to but they are coming back and actually on Amazon I think this was one of the very top selling them music angles so it looks like they’re it’s heavy it’s gotten way oh my god it’s heavy hope you bought I know you know being it’s a collector’s item might be best not to even open up but I can’t help myself because there is a a book in here to besides the vinyl albums but I’m most curious about is the beatles White Album if that’s the very original wait Elton with the embossed the beatles on the front instead of the printed black the deals you know just be cool that was the case see and these these vinyl discs have been remastered I hear people up there saying what I need to get not boy that’s packed in their tapes it’s because they don’t want to wreck it there we go it’s coming here we go it’s like giving birth okay here we go so shine eases and I usually don’t upload videos on Wednesdays but I might upload this today because today’s the day the lton came out look at that we’re styrofoam oh my there’s the book at the front here’s the book it’s heavy and I think I believe it’s over 200 pages and for what I’ve read it’s really nice now here we go I don’t even know if I’ll open these we’ll go from the start I guess here there’s the beatles please please me and there’s a another styrofoam the beatles second album with the beatles the beatles third album a hard day’s night they wrote a couple of good songs and this is all original the way it came out him on vinyl in Britain Britain it had the original the way they they were supposed to be because this one didn’t come out in the States or Canada they just took some songs off it and made more albums this is the beatles for sale the beatles helped the beatles Rubber Soul the beatles revolver some say this is the best rock album of all time and others say this one is the best record of all time sergeant pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band magical mystery tour and it includes the 24 page booklet here we go I’ll find out oh my god it does it’s the embossed I think that’s how you pronounce it it’s embossed that is so cool and see that that’s how it originally came out although on the original albums they would have a number below of which edition of the album you had I believe Paul McCartney and the other Beatles have like zero zero zero zero zero zero one and two and three and four that is cruel and of course it’s got the original poster and the four good-sized pictures of John Paul George and Micky Dolenz Ringel in case people are complaining it’s not Micky Dolenz and then the beatles Yellow Submarine then a lot of people say this is the best rock album of all time but certainly in the top five the beatles Abbey wrote their very last studio album and this Sultan came over afterwards but they actually recorded it before and it’s the beatles let it be and then everything else all the other Beatles songs that never made it on to the original studio album play these are from singles and EPS including like these are some songs that never made the we’re never on the original albums like Hey Jude revolution lady Madonna paperback writer DayTripper we can work it out long tall Sally she loves you none of these were on of their albums that it’s just amazing the music they had so that’s it I might at some point oh please but for now you know I don’t have a turntable I’m just gonna keep them in pristine condition and this is the beatles book as they said and I am gonna open up because there’s no sense no you know you know going through a marriage breakup it’s like you know you’re you’re really depressed and and so of course instead of turning to drugs and alcohol I turn to and I just over spent there those days are done that’s cool here we go I’ll just have to buy your own book all their famous pictures isn’t that a great picture of them really really high-quality – there is no band like the beatles I would consider the beatles of the only rock band that were basically perfect they never made any bad albums none of their songs I would consider bad there might be you know a handful of that or not crazy about but no bad songs even my other favorite bands like u2 and let’s up and leave me Delta’s that I didn’t really care for and you’ll have to get your own so you can’t look at at all so that’s that and I’ll take very good care of that and told the cats start scrapped Geneva 13th studio albums and past masters remastered in stereo utilizing the same digital sources as the acclaimed 209 CDs on 100 180 gram heavy weight vinyl deluxe 250 page 12 inch by 12 inch heart back book which tells the story of the beatles album by element with fascinating new essays on the historical importance of vinyl and the mastering process featuring new photos and spectacular new layouts this book is exclusively available in this box and now all the only other box said I’m gonna buy at some point is the Nickelback box sent little humor to finish the video thanks everybody