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I just want to start today’s video by saying that I’m glad you all are here and I hope merry month of December and you know staying safe Stan Busey staying relaxed and enjoying the holiday season today’s episode is very special I’m gonna be showing an album very little very very little boy and this is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer the original I mean it lists all the songs before that I want to show you a couple of the things I’m gonna show you in today’s video so I also have the CD so I’m gonna show you that another album Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer really I’m just gonna be showing you for the art purposes the artistic visual terms because they look completely different to different albums what else we have today the other columns that we have for today it’s very cute picture on it we got prosti the snowman very cute picture Frost and then we got this one all kinds of stuff to look at today I’ve been doing compilation it’s like multiple albums but I hope you guys don’t mind I just I’m gonna read the songs first close-up picture cuz it is just so adorable it’s so colorful giraffe got a candy cane snow santa’s little chorus and orchestra it’s not so I’m gonna show you the back which is very primitive thank you this whole thing is very primitive the back has like a special I really like says Merry Christmas is beautiful very beautiful very beautiful so to show you this is also beautiful with my family every year around this time we definitely watch it on Christmas Day maybe not sit down and watch it but it definitely plays orange just on the TV and it’s kind of just there maybe while we’re opening gifts or spending time with each other we’ll even sometimes we’ll play Christmas music and then we’ll have a movie also but visually see it but we’re also listening to Christmas music so number seven huh number now I adopt the Red Nosed Reindeer finale disease 10 is Christmas medley the night before Christmas song Merry Merry Christmas when Santa Claus gets you later it’s your letter and rockin around the Christmas tree that’s all on number 10 number 11 Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer number 12 there’s always tomorrow so maybe these are different versions because that was number four as well remember 13 jingle jingle jingle that one was also number two you something these are all repeats there came jingle 14 where a couple of misfits 15 silver and gold 16 so this is what it looks like it’s a nice nice little CD to have to play grab the other this one’s very cute well it’s definitely still a cartoon the other ones cartoon as well but it’s more dedicated to like you can see more Dasher dancer Donner vixen but anyways this is the carolers singers and orchestra and this one has Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and jingle bells it came upon a midnight clear song tonight when Santa Claus gets you a letter a little and see this one doesn’t have sleeve either the back [Music] lovely listen to so I’m gonna grab the next few that I got these downs just kind of go in order I think I showed them to you first so this one is very cute happy holidays standing by a candle just probably just the cutest little thing he says volume 14 so it tells all of the different people that say on this wanna control Kimmel come on Bing Crosby Arthur feat John Garey Norman liubov chore Eugene I’m Monty Pearce okay so side a I’m go ahead and write to you Perry Como sang Christmas song Arthur in Boston Pops so Norman liubov John Garey sings white Christmas Lana Cantrell contra I’ll be on through Christmas so that’s all the songs on side a got side B to read Eugene Ormandy sings Philadelphia Orchestra and chorus joy to the world being Crosby a time to be jolly what sales on Jan Pierce Columbus OH so that was all that was on side to side just a quick little show-and-tell about you can find a lot hopefully it’s not to scratch I’m gonna show ya Frosty the Snowman next just because such a colorful cute children’s Christmas favorites Frosty the Snowman do sing a Kris Kringle jingle three holy night joy to the world we three kings up on stop wait for the wagon on Christmas Day o Christmas tree the First Noel the night before Christmas jolly old Santa Claus and mm careful with these so back it’s just a solid picture there’s no details there’s no writing I love his scarf it’s beautiful striked [Music] can’t find it exact here just a nice picture there’s several experience so here at the bottom it says 1965 so this is very yeah I just wanted to show you kind of a compilation just multiple Christmas album just cuz I had quite a few so I just picked something that means output I wanted to show you guys next week it’s gonna be very special it’s gonna be one I’m excited to show you guys what it is and then the next week the week after Christmas it’s still gonna be dedicated to Christmas but it’s gonna be special also so I think you guys like I’m still deciding if I want to do something in January for the series I just want to say before I go and enjoy the month enjoy your time with relax sweet dreams

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