I thoroughly enjoyed making these albums….they were a huge amount of work but I feel well worth all the work. …

A Legendary Christmas (Audio CD)

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Christmas (Audio CD)


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NOW That’s What I Call Merry Christmas [2018] (Audio CD)

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KIDZ BOP Christmas [2018] (Audio CD)

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Christmas: pianist Mulder, feat. Andrea Bocelli (Audio CD)


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White Christmas 2018 the Christmas Classics Hits (Audio CD)

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White Christmas (Audio CD)


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A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra (Audio CD)

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hi guys well it is the 24th December and before I wrap this up I would like to give a more detailed flick through as you all know I have made two of these albums one is already at its destination so I thought well I’ll take time now and video this and just so you can see see our family Christmas says that sounds of chipboard which I embossed heat embossed I’m very lucky I had these chipboard letters and I made it by actually I think that might be the one that is actually a cue that I had to cut off the little squiggly bits to make it into an O but because having to do that twice I was running out of letters but I just managed it so I’m pleased about that so there is the spine I didn’t know what to put on it and I did put a metal piece on it but then when I was out shopping let me just take that off I saw these bows and I thought perfect to go with the coloring and everything so that’s what I put on that’s silver contact under here and plain on the back and I just put my stamp on the corner so hoping you can see it is properly here we go turned first page and we have this pocket here which holds a tag and this was actually a Christmas card which was too wide so I’ll cut the sides down and pasted them back on closer in and then on the back is place for a photo and then here under this diagonal pocket is another card with a place for photos so they fit in there well that’s where I put and then there’s just a small page for two small photos made a pocket and put a Christmas tagging that I made from the paper you’ll recognize er paper all the paper throughout I had to go through and glitter it up with I’m Kitty glitz there’s another photo and another one there this is just a pushing slot for pictures and an insert for putting pictures on of course you can place more behind it so that the insert holds them up like that and we have room for four small ones there and then the normal sized one there and there too here we have a lift up underneath here I’ve put a pocket in it I put the pocket there and a couple of bits of ephemera from the card collection the paper collection and then that props down and you have their photos here is more another insert room for other photos then behind here room for more photos and the that’s fits in there then we flip it over this one’s got a little Christmas tag on it with warmest wishes a Christmas and always a little tux but I did hear weeds and then a little too little labels which I put those on the back so that you can write something on them that flips open you could probably fit photos in if you wanted to and then that opens up just a bit see tied you and there’s no for two photos see it oh my gosh display is falling down just a moment doesn’t want to stay up anyway we’ll leave it like that so then that flips back down their room there for another photo if you want to or journaling here is another tuck spot behind the center and another one of the images from out of the cut earth is the paper collection now this coming up here is actually wasn’t in the book it should have only had the four pages one to the M and the other two at the back but I added a fifth page so these here what I designed if you like made up and I’ve put three pockets here with room for photos and here and here the paper collection is from dreams with azide etc calm and I was really pleased with the paper it was expensive to do all the printing but it was a nice paper and so I’m quite happy with it all there’s a tag from the paper in another pocket here and yet another insert and I’ve done the same this side this is again is what I would put the big one on one pocket to pocket it has a insert the same over here this was an envelope from the collection and what I put in here are some labels so that if they want to write about each each photo they can and stick it to it a few more tags in news they want them but I thought those were good for writing about the photograph as they need to and that took SPECT in there and the last one I designed was somebody’s looked at this not put it back right it should be like that it opens up like that two photos of the year a big tag with another pocket these pockets were made with some of the envelopes that were in the collection I didn’t like the shapes of them but these was cut off the sides and then I just mounted them on the black card then we open up we have that one for a big picture and then we have this waterfall I like doing waterfalls I don’t know why but I do and at the back of it I ain’t put in another pocket for putting in more tanks or pictures or whatever it was that one and now we’re back to the original again this is a I made it just put one of the embellishments there and tucked a little tag in there that’s another one of the tags from the collection I think that’s a gorgeous one Center one and then this is two diagonal pockets so we made an insert to fit in the big one and then the tag goes in there could have made another insert if we like or change where you put the others this is a same as the other one get the other side it just tucks in corner to corner again you can put other pictures underneath and this one has got two flaps and opens up like that to put your photos in I put a little tag under a slot layer that closes down now the big boo-boo I did make from the original is these flaps should have gone on here but I made a stake and put them there but it doesn’t matter because you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you and then there are two inserts open it up again and here we have another slot and I put another angels in near open that up and there’s another pocket for more tabs put more pictures if you like and then there’s pictures there and insert here pictures that is a cluster that was made I think Jude made that one and then some more pictures there that closes like that and then finally the big waterfall with the flap on and that opens and closes like this again I put another pocket in it didn’t have a pocket to go in there but I thought that’s a good idea to put one in there to give more space for tucking in other photographs and then it goes and there we are then we close it up to the back so that ladies is the album gentlemen ladies gentlemen I had real good fun making these as you know I made them both together if I had um one at a time I’ve never got the second one finished but doing them both together i sorely enjoyed it all the love went into it didn’t they need in there as I say I don’t want this just for the album for this Christmas it’s Christmas is that’s what the little dot there means apparently so yes so I really am happy with it I’m thrilled to bits with it actually and yeah I love making albums I don’t think I’ll make another card because I enjoy doing these more I’ve already started my next album I’ve got another one on the way but that ladies and gents is the album I would say made a Christmas now but by the time you see this video Christmas will be come and gone because I’m not putting this video up until just after Christmas so I think it will for spending the time to look at it please like and subscribe leave a comment if you like and I will see you very soon on the next live video thank you all very much for being here bye

Martina McBride: It’s the Holiday Season on iTunes!