After a perfect looking year of song entirely you know for a truth there needed to be some song that did not secure the lower, pissed off my soul, made me ask my existence and a couple of others. Yes, we secure the WORST ALBUMS OF the year 2018 amongst us. Migos – Tradition 2 Album Nav – Reckless Album Killy – Quit Your Soul Album Playboi Carti – Die Lit Album Quavo – Quavo Huncho Album Jaden Smith – The Sundown Tapes: A Chilly Legend Album Lil Skies – Existence Of A Darkish Rose Album Nicki Minaj – Queen Album Russ – Zoo Album Lil Yachty – Lil Boat 2 Album Thank’s for listening to my rant’s about what I issue are the musical atrocities of the year, let me know your lists as wisely. Possess an qualified Christmas & Thank You for watching.

we wish you a Merry Christmas carols I hope you fucking die from choking on eggnog like delete this guy’s channel why is he still around so corny probably watching this around Christmastime I’ve already recorded this it’s already a December 21st read the title correct why not on Christmas a day start with the most hateful video I could possibly make it is right I’m talking about the 10 worst albums of 2018 basic requirement to end up on this list is to essentially aggravate my soul in some way that I can’t fix you’ve given me an itch inside that I can’t even find and I feel like you need to pay for for making such an atrocity of an album disclaimer there may be some language and offensive terms used in this video to describe some of these albums keep in mind that none of it is meant to be disrespectful it’s simply to express my opinion about this music and the most unfiltered unapologetic way as humanly possible which is in no numerical order this isn’t the best or the worst of the worst it’s just the worst the first spot on this album is gonna go to Jaden Smith the Karate Kid aka the new man on the moon aka the new Kanye West aka the new Travis Scott sunset tapes a cool story is an album in my opinion that is unaware of its own unimportant it’s an album that was made with the intention of millions probably listening to it but the hardcore fanbase of this individual are probably the only ones that really copped it and sat down with it and don’t get me wrong Jaden Smith isn’t a bad rapper he’s definitely an artist with a ton of potential I definitely see a bright future for him but with his own sound his own wave his own thing I feel like he’s fallen victim to the popularity complex of his peers oh I I need to sound like Travis I need to sound like Drake I need to sound like yay even moments and this album Ori sounds like a real sweatshirt and most of the album is just so empty it doesn’t talk about or say anything nothing powerful even though I wasn’t a big fan of sire nothing is strong or any bold statements made with that album like the intro blue which was beautiful with an album like the sunset tapes a cool story Jaden Smith sets up the scene for nothing but exploration but he doesn’t go anywhere he just ends up sitting in his Calabasas apartment maybe walking down the street to Nobu to find this girl across the street maybe she’s taking piano classes he’s like I’ve never seen a chick do that you must be the new Eve I must be the new Adam let’s get together and rewrite the fucking Bible I mean with tweets like this you can’t tell me Jaden didn’t think this album was about to be in the second spot one this list is Cueva with quavo honcho I like quavo this album just solidified that he’s the weakest member of the me goes to me though that doesn’t mean he’s not a hit man that’s that doesn’t mean that he’s not you know very important to hip hop obviously he’s been a part of some of the biggest tracks within the most recent years I’m not taking away any of that from him but when it comes to sitting him down in a room by himself without the three musketeers without Alvin in the chipmunks and it’s just quavo we see exactly why quavo off set and take off who’ve all released solo products is here and off set you get to do so but we see why they need each other so much I’m not hating on quavo for like this lack of concept obviously you can make an album about you that glamorizes your lifestyle that shows people the importance of flexing I got you but when you can’t even take that and make that little amount like this is the little this is the least amount of entertainment for an album you need to have and you can’t even make that entertaining you got a problem when he’s not doing that he’s trying to expose his relationship with Nicki Minaj which I don’t think anyone cared about anyway we’re trying to give advice to young rappers as if he’s been in the clear legally for his entire career I think he’s a necessity in hip hop but I definitely think he’s able to hide himself really well in that migos conversation because when he’s accompanied with his members you don’t notice it as much you know they’re doing some work here they’re doing some work here give this man his own project oh my god you see exactly where he falls short Louis guys with life of a dark rose honestly I don’t have anything bad or negative to say about little skies as a person because I think he’s just a young artist coming up doing this thing like a couple of the artists on this list I completely understand that but when you come into the game and your introduction reminds me of everything else I’ve heard like every there’s nothing in this album that I can say is native to low skies and that’s a problem for it to be his debut while I do want to give Louis Kai’s a bunch of credit for having a new young boy I’m not saying pause for saying young voice y’all are just dirty y’all weirdos I want to give him credit for having and maintaining that youth in Anna’s onra where you’re forced to be this trihard gangsta wannabe every time you release a new rap record it’s just the writing isn’t holding me the beats are pretty stale and with all due respect I feel like this album just gives me the soundcloud rapper aesthetic way too frequently for me to say that little skies did something powerful or separated himself from any particular group it’s just more music hopping on a way that already exists to me and it doesn’t say anything or do anything chilly would surrender your soul another album from another young artist who’s making waves in Toronto and Canada doing his thing don’t hate him however you can just feel and tell how much Kanye’s influenced some of these guys influences from t-pain should be read nav all over this guy’s music again it’s an artist who is breaking into the scene with this new face but no new material and it’s music that I would want to like and hold as my own it coming from a new face but when I feel like I’ve heard it already what’s the point I mean the first thing I hear when I open your album is just pounds and pounds and pounds of auto-tune it’s like what do you really have to offer and don’t get me wrong when I say I would rather listen to the influencer of the influence That’s not me saying that I could never listen to a guy who’s influenced by another artist it’s just me saying the guy whose influence hasn’t made his influence his own enough that I would only need to go to him for it we’re talking about artists who have been influenced by somebody like a Kanye West you could easily reference Travis Scott someone who’s taking a sound flipped it reword it done his own thing with it and made a new wave that’s what I call making your influence work for you booyah tea with little boat – I don’t know this album just wasn’t it at all for me if it felt like right it felt like yadi was really trying to rap and you know my biggest problem with yadi is when he raps I think yadi really lost that sparked that that that that that wit that charisma that he had on earlier projects that made him a likable character outside of being this average braggadocious atlanta trap rapper that I feel he kind of emulated on this project all likeability that I have for a little yachty in any sense of the word just kind of went out the window and don’t get me wrong the lyrics here were not as bad as something that you might get off of a teenage emotions and there is a lot more coherent and structured than that but it’s structured in something that yadi really isn’t good at in my opinion it maintains a theme a sound a vibe that I just don’t feel like yachty carries well enough as yachty for however long that album was there’s no enthusiasm or energy or animation and yachties voice is just devoid of any kind of character or specific qualities to yachty all of his features outperform him because when I’m listening to the production they was sound ten times better over mb a young boy Trippi read whoever else was on that project sound way better on it in yachty dude if I was steering low boat to SS low boat – I would have killed myself in all the passengers just to stop the music he’s made it again folks Russ the the demigod himself zoo another year another album where Russ fails to do anything musically this is another album that isn’t horrible last year my issue with there’s really a wolf wasn’t that the album was just horrible it was just boring this is the same thing Russ comes to us yet again with a concert that is so mind bogglingly pretentious in above the cut that also fails to acknowledge that he is the one who’s got the chip on his shoulder because of his own separation from these people he’s addressing in the music it’s like Russ is his own enemy by saying oh I think that this zoo which is a concept for the record where I’m in this industry with a bunch of people that do a bunch of crazy shit a bunch of wild characters I’m in this industry I’m the normal one though I’m the real one proceeds to separate himself from this group while at the same time being mad at them for not wanting to work with him and accusing people that don’t necessarily listen to or like his music of being haters when you separate yourself from an entire group an entire industry damn near why are you then upset with them for not fucking with you feel like the only reason this album exists is as commentary to criticism that he’s received based off of actions he’s made himself he’s presented himself as the enemy to this genre and it in his upset when they treat him like that this album is zoo well Russ is saying all these people are basically animals uncivilized entities that can’t be communicated with and I can’t articulate my thoughts or opinions with so I’m gonna distance and separate myself these animals are also fucking fake I’m the real one I’m gonna get mad at them for criticizing me now that I’ve criticized them and I’m gonna form my album in the shape of a fucking subtweet but not only is it stuck in the waiver concept that it is so much more important than it actually is it also isn’t making any musical statements is not broadening the horizon he’s not coming out with this new wave of music this new sound this new vibe nothing the best song on this album is a sample from fucking sting I know people are gonna be upset with this one playboy car fuck this album I’ll listen there’s really not much I have to say about this album I’m doubling down on my dislike for it because I gave it a additional 10 listens and still didn’t see the hype however I do have a bigger appreciation for pierre own production I do have that however playboy car D I will not be convinced is not one of the worst rappers of all time and it’s not because I want him to have this concept I want to have these theories these moments of deep thought and introspection I don’t give a shit about that what car do you make the kind of music you want to make that’s fine however there are artists out there that have this lack of seriousness this lack of content this lack of lyricism this lack of overall fucking existence point to themselves there are artists like that or at the same time able to carry a track with their charisma their energy vocal styles and flexions may be good singing playboy kardia has none of that one of the things that really annoys me about this project isn’t even the album it’s the way people describe their their love for it which is through this strange ass idea of people who don’t do drugs that described the album as if they’ve done drugs the fuck did you do look up LSD or fucking cocaine and say this is what it feels like and just adopt that you’ve never taken the fucking drug how do you know that this feels like being on a drug if you’re not on drugs I’m not saying that for the people that do take drugs I’m sure there are some people out there that can validate if it feels like you’re on a drug trip but for the majority of youth out there you can’t do it where the fuck am i listening to these people tell me what it’s like to be on fucking drugs you don’t know I like the beats from peer because it takes advantage of a heavy baseline that’s a reason why I like a lot of producers in the game right now he’s not new to that of course there’s much more to his production than just a heavy bass line but that’s one of my favorite reasons I feel like kardi is constantly outshined by his features who are able to do more with the production on this album than he can in my opinion don’t get me wrong I love each and every one of you that explained the album as if it’s this moment of music that is enhanced by this lack of predictability which I do agree with but get a different rapper on it cuz I just can’t deal with cardi I just I fuckin tan I’ve with wreckless not as okay as a producer to me he’s not anything groundbreaking but personally I do think he’s made some pretty okay beats he’s definitely got a few hits under his belt not all hits and I’m 100% fond of but some tracks that encompass something more than just being a brown boy coming up making money at 2627 my issue with this album really isn’t the idea that it exists it’s the problem with its point because Navin this album talks about being reckless but not really living in a way that he hasn’t described on any project that he’s already released thus far not yet living life in the fast lane constantly questioning who you are who you used to be wondering if you’re making the right decisions living as this emotionless robot being taken and driven while you’re in the passenger seat and life is taking the wheel instead of you being control of your own decisions of what you want to do you’ve been doing this for so long you feeling like you’re living life reckless I get it it’s just bad now I’ve just is a boring computer program to me on this album and that’s it the next album on the list is me goes with culture to this album I won’t even call it a money grab it’s literally taking the feces out of your ass and throwing it at the wall going up to it licking it and seeing if it sticks before it even slides down I know that’s disgusting I know that’s what this album was exactly if I got to feel it you got a fee an hour and 45 minutes of them literally going back to the drawing board to find a way to make it hit and barely any of it works this album easily could have been stripped down to 12 to 14 tracks even less than that fact that they made a 24 track album when they didn’t need to and half of it sounds like they only put in a fraction of the effort that they did or would and some of their hit singles is disappointing the meteos is a group that has this formula that works better on singles than it does in complete album and that’s sad to say considering culture one was a spot I held to a high regard in 2017 there are some tracks where they rap about camaraderie amongst the group in maintaining that dynamic until they’re in but majority of the tracks on this project it’s just you do this you do this you do this unless you do it for an hour and 45 minutes and no change no addition there are tracks here where Drake is making a contribution other hit singles from time to time but these are very small peaks in a very flat line album is disappointing because it just doesn’t feel like they’re a group that I’m out – more than the sum of their parts next we have in security the album whatever reason I can’t speak to that but from my own interpretation and what I perceive the album to be is an attempt to make people believe that she is a certain way when it appears in her standing in hip-hop she might not be and that’s okay to be shaky on how you feel you are in hip-hop or your placement you might be a little bit scared and wondering if it’s withering away if your career is gonna wither away if your your standing or the perception that people have of you is gonna wither away I understand that but for it to be so blatant the the lack of confidence in the one and seek in the search for validation on this out reeks of insecurity it reeks of validation it reeks of you trying to convince people that you’re good enough I’ve said this before and maybe she’s trying to show the duality of a queen in the industry maybe she’s a queen and because of her standing in hip-hop and a queen and her in her regular life but it’s hard to sympathize with somebody that’s trying to make themselves seem like the badass and the victim at the same time can on one track tell me how dominant and how much of a bad bitch you are and then cry when you get some criticism in other areas even worse was the terrible explanations and reasons for why the album was number one when it wasn’t oh my god garlis Nicki Minaj didn’t come off as a queen that’s confident in her royalty she came off as a princess that’s wondering when Mama’s gonna hand her her crown that is my worst list for 2018 I’m glad I was able to get that negativity out of me and off my chest these are the albums that I felt just did absolutely nothing for me in the sense that they irritated my soul or scratched me on the inside in a way that I couldn’t reach and I’m still itching to this day appreciate you for watching Merry Christmas early that gift ain’t for you I’ll see y’all next time tomorrow for the honorable mentions of 2018 now we can get into the things that I really enjoyed this year thank you for watching don’t take it personally all of it is simply my opinion on these prior you feel free to feel free to feel how you want to feel you feel me and that’s it I’ll see y’all in 2019 I’ll probably still see you tomorrow whatever

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