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is so funny when you realize you haven’t shaved your legs no I think it’s good that you do a systems check once [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] great look at the way they are they got their issues having you everywhere you go now not quite no I get a lot of hugs a lot of you know thank God is still around kind of things like that but ghin generally happy to see me yeah seeing you with different different looks and facial hair but this I knew I was coming to see you with the scruff so I wanted him not yeah it’s like looking in a mirror yeah it is it really is the other day and the guy says to me goes yeah mine’s a little patchy too I was like thanks I think you have one too thanks man you guys are both riddled with masculinity doors for women so now like tell us tell us about this is us now we have so many questions right audience do we have any questions the finale you just had your fall finale is that right yes yes yes so you found out that Jack your brother you found that make you so yeah still alive nikki is still alive and so what is that like you know we believe that these characters are real now so yeah there’s now a very I know that you’re a real person thanks guy we also believe it’s I mean it’s a big shocker you know for for everything that we’ve known about Jack and the pearsons he’s mentioned his brother but he’s never talked about his brother being alive so what does that mean – Jack what does that mean – the pearsons you know the Jack know his brother was alive did something happen and maybe they’re not speak I don’t really know or I you do I do no no I want you guys to wait and see yeah okay but here’s my other question do they tell you in advance or you know or is it all like you find out by reading the scripts no notes so Dan Fogelman Turner riders are very very good about keeping us informed yeah we know the road we’re about to walk it helps the performance if we know so it takes a lot to make me cry but there’s a man I heard a nickname back there crying Ryan I’ll tell you what happened 51 minutes into your movie in a minute but is there some sort of like science to how they rhythm the writing because it really does strike that emotion on a regular basis I think when you have such amazing writing and performances and this beautiful production and then our score comes in from CID costly I mean the scores this score the music comes in everything swells and all of a sudden you know your your vests do they play the music for you it’s very impactful no no we don’t get the music we just have to just you know am oh maybe more yeah I wasn’t there for the actual ceremony but I was there for the party all of us were there together is a big beautiful party it’s exciting you know man he lights up when Taylor’s around and he with her and Bray and he’s such a lovely human being too so it’s it was fun to be there give us some details of the party what was the vibe Wow musical yeah well he’s a musician she she’s a singer so you know a lot of music was going on and and a good dancer I usually find a little real estate and sit and relax yeah I don’t believe that well here’s the thing though but it’s not it’s not like I can’t dance I just choose not to we will take a break and come back we’re talking about second act with Milo McHale still ahead on live a performance by Joe Joshua and we’ll cook with Martina the drive [Music] [Applause] since my DDT blood-clot I was thinking could there be another around the corner or could it turn out differently I wanted to help protect myself my doctor recommended Eliquis Eliquis has proven to treat and help prevent another DVT or PE blood clot almost 98% of patients on Eliquis didn’t experience another and Eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than a standard treatment Eliquis is FDA approved and has both don’t stop Eliquis unless your doctor tells you to Eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding don’t take Eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or 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Jennifer she plays the gal who works at like a big shopping mart like a Costco kind of place and you know she’s kind of like streets educated she’s gone as far as she could go but she could really go further but yes she kind of hits that wall where they’re saying you’re not educated enough you’re not qualified enough you’re just kind of wrong to go ahead it’s kind of like a nice beautiful working girl’s story but she goes out she gets what she wants mmm yeah you know it’s interesting because she and Leah’s character they have this dynamic in the movie yeah which is exactly their dynamic in real life well hi person that happened so many times between the two of them yeah I mean it’s a comedy act when you’re when you’re there with them on set like I just you know quiet mouths it’s like don’t say a word did they bring you into the fold today I’ll show you Jennifer usually kind of like she’ll just kind of like slide up next to me put her arm in and I feel like it’s like solidarity she just wants someone kind of witnessed what’s going on like are you seeing this or you want to see a smack in the face bumper front I have a relationship with her did you know her before this or yeah she and I because of her show on NBC and Monday we crossed paths right but then you know I got word that she wanted me for this role and and she wasn’t wanting anybody else and I was like okay that’s great so how did you get word like tell me these things so so my reps just said like hey so here’s this movie Jennifer Lopez is doing now she only wants you my love and I said okay who else my perchance you know cuz usually a lot of us actors we have to go prove ourselves you know remake and whatnot and they’re like no no no it’s you she wants you and she wants to like get on the phone here FaceTime or something and just like talk and I was like okay so I read the script loved it and then we got on the phone just as two actors talking about a romance you know and you were shooting history during this is a silence along yeah Jack Pearson’s home was burning down in Los Angeles wow you know hopping into a shower with Jennifer Lopez [Applause] tomorrow one live also from second-act Jennifer Lopez and the Harlem Globetrotters [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you read the intro and I’ll get it ready for you see c’mon she think it’s perfect wait thanks since I’m sorry she combines her passion for music and her love of cooking her new book Martinez kitchen mix my recipe playlist for real life please welcome country superstar [Music] [Applause] Thank You mighty my great to see you [Applause] listen look I’m all about it anything that starts like this I’m all about so a Martina you obviously love to cook but we understand that your husband was not so into food at first yeah he was 29 when I met him and we called him the food virgin because he had never had iced tea he’d never had a tomato I’ve never had broccoli just like all these foods of you but he just ate like very simple you know when I met him I was pizza burgers yeah well there is tomato and pizza no he just didn’t know what it actually was made of look like guys right of course and your daughter Delaney she’s a foodie she loves to cook yeah she’s a great cook and we have a lot of fun in the kitchen together that’s amazing so what are we gonna make today cuz I’m very I’m very excited today we’re gonna make an very simple easy white bean and tomato stew with some greens okay so we’re gonna take a break come back [Applause] TJ Maxx Marshalls and home goods are here to help with their high-quality selection of gifts all incredible prices find the perfect gift for anyone in your list this holiday season visit Liv’s website to learn more you ready for Jenny from the block this is Ryan from the corner [Music] this holiday no matter who’s on your list we’ve got great gifts at great prices so bring us your husband who CeCe’s a celebrity chef get him something stainless and painless bring us your sister who’s always 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made it okay alright so cubing garlic in here because everything’s better with that I agree with that I’m not that cook about 30 seconds chicken broth this is so easy like this is I like to make soup and I don’t like to make super you do a lot of chopping and a lot of prep and you spent all day kind of doing it but this is great if you need to get dinner on the table and a hurry you’re working yeah it’s just like five or six ingredients 2 cans of cannellini beans I must and drained so good turn the ham so like it’s ham and beans well you don’t want my ham here we can use extra hands no one ever wants mine he’s very he’s very sensitive his sister is nursing yes thank you so then we’re gonna put some greens in here and you can use arugula can you spinach just baby greens whatever and you just great just simmer then or a boil then let it simmer put the greens and let those wilt and voila [Applause] smells good I mean it seems so simple even I can do it yes yeah yeah and you can you can keep it for the next day if you need to you know it’s great for that delicious better the next jason kanigan be your life book concepts so cool where it’s these curated like recipes that you’ve devised that you want to share kinda like you do music right yeah I always feel like you know when I find a great song I want to share it with everybody it’s same thing when I find a great recipe and passing down recipes is the time-honored tradition so you’ll be you’ll be doing this all for the holidays how exciting yeah thank you for coming congratulate Martina’s kitchen mix my recipe playlist for real life is available everywhere books are sold there’s actually a real fist fight going on backstage for the last coffee that we have backstage I’m not kidding and you have your new holiday album right it’s the holiday season and Joe you’re gonna come on Christmas Eve I’m gonna be [Applause] [Music] the great deals on travel just go to Priceline through up to 40% off lights on top Airlines for up to 60% off hotels in 500 destinations you’ll find the best savings of the price line app so download the Priceline mobile app that go tomorrow on live holiday hits we continue through the performance by Lindsey Stirling [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you guys calm down [Applause] Merry Christmas thank you wait we understand that you have a big huge announcement to make yes I was so excited to talk about this so I’m going on to a Geneseo Giri in the tune and today we’re releasing 28 new shows I’ve seen a lot of singers you know over the years you have great breath control to be able to just do that what are you most excited about for going on the road it’s going to be a really long time on the road so going out for 40 days and then we have a nine day break and then another 40 days and honestly I think that’s what I’m excited for it’s just like be out there go see every state go see all my fans everywhere like I don’t think it’s gonna be so much fun [Applause] so for more information on Jojo see WA and her tour dates go to our website okay we’ll be right back everybody for more information on Jojo Seba and her to go to our website Kelly and Ryan calm [Applause] this becomes my favorite seconds so many great things in the Inbox where shall we begin there’s some islands I’m gonna start with Patricia naca from Williamsport Pennsylvania congratulations Ryan you’re gonna be the uncle the fun uncle Christie Hedrick from Canton Georgia hey Ryan’s from the south of course he’s crying we cried Chevy commercials down here we’re capable we’re capable Donna Q as a tweet I’m crying with you Ryan it’s indeed a life changing Jay you don’t know how much you are loved until you love someone like this sweet oh okay shifting gears we were talking about how orders we can’t ever figure how to spell it and our autocorrect has no clue what we’re trying yeah well here’s how to add a word to your permanent iPhone dictionary huh we will post this as well right my gosh Settings General keyboard text replacement click on plus sign paste word with correct spelling or d’oeuvre in phrase section type letters H ORS in the shortcut section take a lunch break hit save it will then add word that word to your iPhone dictionary so simple get that with your phone Oh everybody’s screen rabbit paws and rewind pause again just trying to help hey Jennifer Vermeer from picture rock Pennsylvania says my phone always auto corrects my husband’s name which is Steven to the word estrogen estrogen we love you okay Jessica is in Bradford Ohio says how much did flora Murray way by over eight pounds over eight pounds great weight great weight yeah mm-hmm this is a tweet from Andrew a Yama dude okay okay oh so my sister I call yesterday were actually had the baby we got off the air I said well Merritt what was it like she’s good suppose she goes to giving birth is hard dude what my firstborn was born it took ten hours while my second was born there was a Taco Bell in the hospital lobby I went down I came back up within ten minutes they handed me my second shot for the border by the way that she was fast that first time I think from my perspective and so the second the subsequent children come way fast faster than that oh we can do it on one segment

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