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♪♪♪♪ -What does it look like if you’re just making
something for yourself? What’s your go-to?
-We take two slices of bread and a jar of peanut butter
and a jar of jelly. We have some weird
family recipes that have just always been
in our family. Like, for instance, one of them is something that I’ve eaten
since I was kid, which is you take a banana,
and you slice it in half. And you spread it
with mayonnaise and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Sounds disgusting, right?
-It does, yeah. -It’s delicious. [ Laughs ] -Describe the taste of it. -We have — You know,
the banana’s sweet. And then you have the kind of
tanginess of the mayonnaise. And then cinnamon. Well, who —
I mean, I love cinnamon. I’m Martina McBride. And I have a cookbook out called
“Martina’s Kitchen Mix.” ♪♪♪♪ This cookbook is very simple. It’s just a book full of
some of my favorite recipes that I’ve been cooking
for my family and friends over the past couple years. Some of the recipes also have
been handed down from my family. They’re very simple,
approachable recipes, easy for anybody. It’s just good, simple,
delicious food. I’m a home cook. I always say I’ve never been
to culinary school. I’ve never had any training.
I just love to cook. I’ve always loved it. It’s meditative for me
when I get in the kitchen or I try a new recipe. I love going through magazines
and books and finding recipes. And so — I don’t know.
I guess I’m pretty good. You know?
People seem to like my food. They say, “You should write
a cookbook.” And I did, so… ♪♪♪♪ Probably for me, from this book,
would be the pot roast ’cause it’s my mom’s recipe. I still make it but only
for special occasions. So I believe in having
food memories, you know? And so I make pot roast
on Christmas Day, for example. I make it when one of the kids
comes home. I make it for birthdays.
They request it. And so, for me,
it is comfort food. It tastes like my childhood. The food experience on the road
is usually backstage catering, so I usually bring
some food from home. And then we all sit down
together at 5:00 after sound check,
me and my band and crew. We all sit down
and have family dinner. -Are there other singers
from the world of country music that could rival you
in the kitchen, you think? -Oh, yeah.
Well, Trisha Yearwood. She has her own show
on Food Network. Kimberly from Little Big Town
is a great cook. Faith Hill is an amazing cook. We should all get together
and do a show, like a tour. We could cook dinner
for the audience and then sing a few songs.
-There you go. ♪♪♪♪ “Martina’s Table”
is a show on Food Network. It’s a different skill set,
you know? It’s different than
entertaining on stage. I’m usually cooking
in my kitchen alone,
not talking to people, so you get a little
self-conscious. You start looking at how
you’re chopping or doing things, and you want to make sure
that you don’t take too long. I don’t know.
You get a little — It’s just a little bit
of a nerve-racking thing
at the beginning. We have a storyline,
so every show is about — I’m making a meal for a reason. And I don’t know
how different it is from everything else
on the network, but I do think it shows
behind the scenes with me. Like, it just shows
a more personal side. I have two really strong
passions, and I get to explore and work
in both of those ways. It’s really exciting. Music and cooking are similar in that, you know,
if I find a great song, I can’t wait to record it
and share it with everybody. And so I feel the same way
about recipes. When I find a great recipe
and I have this opportunity to put it in a book
and share it with the world, it’s pretty exciting. ♪♪♪♪ The album is called
“It’s the Holiday Season.” And I want it to be
very timeless and classic and the kind of record
you put on year after year to wrap presents to
or to trim the tree, make your cookies,
whatever it is. I try to think of, you know —
what are classic sounds? And so the record
we did 20 years ago was very orchestral
and full of hymns like “O Come, All Ye Faithful”
and “O Holy Night.” And this one, I wanted to have the traditional sound
of a big band. As albums go,
you have a catalog of albums, but it’s nice to have a couple
Christmas albums in there. I mean,
I just think it’s something that stands the test of time,
like I said. It’s something that I hope —
I hope that people will still be listening to those albums
in 20 years. My dad is a farmer — or was
a farmer. He’s retired now. But he was always a musician,
as well, and a singer. And he had a country band
on the side as a hobby. I started singing in the band
when I was about 7 years old. So that was my exposure to it. There was just music
around our house all the time, the band practicing
in the living room, you know? And then I went on
and sang with other bands. And I sang a lot of stuff.
I sang in a rock band. I sang Pat Benatar
and Journey and Heart. And then I sang in a pop band where I sang Whitney Houston
and Aretha Franklin and Madonna and went back and sang
with my dad’s band in, like, a
“battle of the bands” contest. And it just hit me
all of a sudden. I was like,
“This is what I want to do. I want to sing country music.” And I just told my husband,
“I want to move to Nashville.” And we had just gotten married
about a year before. And he said, “Okay.” And we picked up
and moved to Nashville.

It’s the Holiday Season on iTunes!