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hey what’s up guys my name’s Ahmad chef and today we’re going to be talking about interesting fun and efficient ways how to learn how to play keys and pads all right so I’m a guy who never really enjoyed music schools or like songs theory and stuff like that you know so I was always about you know practical work you know doing things immediately she’s getting into it dropping the key is not just exeter and learnt there may be thirty to some extent to let her play the keys for example so I would say for a couple of years now I would always search for ways how to learn the piano in a fun way but I never really found that method you know so I ended up not learning the piano like I’ve been having this many people for a couple of years now and I literally don’t know how to play the piano like I just has been sitting there I’ve never really had the motivation to learn it so what is melodic anyway well first of all it’s an application that you can download to your computer and it teaches you how to play the keys and the pads in like the most efficient way ever so they have almost like credit this game where you have like little different levels you need to score a certain amount of points to pass a lesson they have like a bunch of lessons on melodic like seriously like there’s just tons of lessons and there’s like you know categories of lessons like grade 1 grade 2 or 3 and the higher the grade the more difficult the lessons are gonna be then they have like courses as well then you have like this like cool like training mode before starting a lesson were they like allow you to just like you know free play on the piano or the drums just to get used to it and once you’re ready you can dive into it and start lesson I also really important thing that I enjoy about melodic s– is that it looks visually appealing now for me like I’m gonna marry bash on some like able to users but like I feel like Ableton it just does not look visually appealing you know it’s a great program and in order for me to be inspired I need to have an inspiring atmosphere around me you know so I feel like Apple strudle looks great you know it has a cool design and same thing with melodic it has a great design it looks visual appealing I want to stay on melodic and I’m going to learn something there you know it just gives me that like motivation and inspiration to like do something it was either said there you go guys that’s pretty much melodic in a nutshell who you like melodic the way I do now literally have inspiration to like actually learn how to play the keys and the drum pads and it will be actually documenting my progress using the Mladic’s and I will just you know cause some sort of like you know in the future yeah hopefully you’re the video guys and yeah thanks for watching