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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] hey what’s up guys professor here today we have another M PK video or MIDI controller this is going to be applicable to any MIDI controller that you have and it’s not exclusive to FL studios what we’re learning today but uh if you liked what you saw in the intro and you want to get your proficiency up with your MIDI controller I got to show you guys something cool that I’ve known about for a while but I never started using till recently and it’s a software called melodic s– let me pull this up and think like Dance Dance Revolution and and you’re a MIDI controller this thing is like a coach so check this out um so there’s different classes available statistics stars I’ll show you guys even more on the website and you can go to browse all courses and learning I mean here we go introduction to melodic sand how it works I already done this one so let’s check out like hip-hop rhythms for a beginner alright so we would go to like start this course I’m gonna mute the mic when I’m playing the music because I don’t want you guys to have to hear me going alright hey we keepin it real boys all right let’s keep it going let’s keep it going Oh guys another sample pack look at that I guess was you level up and play more you get sample packs I could do this forever this is just like literally a game but also getting me better at this check that out guys in just two days I’ve already unlocked one two three four five six sample packs from them [Music] as you guys can see in here you can practice with different instruments your keys your drums or your pads we’re gonna continue with pads it keeps track of your progress things like that your streaks you’ve got different lessons you can try and learn so if you want to learn trap R&B trap R&B different grade levels for difficulty beats hip hop future bass stuff like that it’s pretty cool let’s go check out some more lessons so I guess just combine all of the lessons for the final challenge all right let’s get [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah you’re right jafer keep that Beavis freaking epic so as you guys can see this software is a pretty great I’ve definitely been able to practice increase my proficiency with a finger independence timing things like that have been a huge emphasis here let’s go take a look at so let’s take a look at the website and see what other features they got here structured for solid progress I like the stat keeping track of that things really cool instant feedback when I started using melodic sigh never used a MIDI controller before in my life at the beginning I had trouble playing even simple rhythms however by now the lessons that I I couldn’t beat in the beginning seemed easy to me daily practice goals as cool ah school even this guy’s on it nice let’s see what artists have been involved there’s a few that I really liked that were on here oh I know DJ’s Jazzy Jeff Doug Lee Oh DJ spinner who else do I know in here it’s key hey crane 6:9 beats where’s push for life is he in yeah I push for life is the man you guys should check out push for life that musics great the stuff he does is awesome [Music] awesome guys well I appreciate you watching well my ex is about now guys thanks for watching this video I really appreciate it if you’re interested in the melodic software it’s free there’s also a paid for version but the free version is legit too check out the link the first link in the description below it helps me out if you guys check it out with that and I really appreciate you guys coming by watching the video if you have any suggestions or questions leave them below hit that like button as well and subscribe with the Bell check out some beats and check out the websites the shops all that stuff guys and leave comments feedback help other people out you know trying to either way I got a tip I got to go edit this video editing videos takes forever I’ve got to do what you got to do thanks for dropping by this has been Professor take it easy alright peace [Music]