hi I’m Caroline javi here with cracker-barrel we are so excited to be talking to Josh Turner all about his new gospel album I Serve a Savior how’s it going Josh this is a big exciting moment in your career because this is the celebration of your first gospel album how did you decide it was time to make the gospel album I wish I could sit here and say that it was all my idea but honestly my label presented me with this opportunity this year and I was so excited that they did because I’ve been looking forward to doing this for a long long time my fans have been looking for this for a long long time and my last record deep south came out last year had lost success with it but it took me like five years to finally get that that record out I joked with my fans that it took me 60 years to make it or whatever but it was a long arduous process and finally got it out there and then I literally thought that this year was just gonna be kind of a you know laid-back year tour on the road but I’ve been making this record and touring and it’s been exciting to have it out you know on my MCA label and not only to have the record but to go up to the gate through music studios in Indiana and and do a lot of performances of all these songs and and put all of that on a DVD for the fans to just kind of take this whole thing to a whole new level what are you looking most forward to with the release of this album do you have different expectations for this album as opposed to your mainstream country albums that’s a good question obviously being my first gospel record release I don’t really know what to expect I think the biggest thing that I’d like to see happen is for people to hear this and and be moved you know in a deep way up I want them to experience some some hope and some encouragement you and peace from from here in these songs especially going into the holiday season because a lot of people who are struggling with a lot of things in their life or or you know they don’t have a good family situation or whatever that the holiday times are they can be taught yeah they’re they’re very tough they’re not as joyous as we make them out to be and so I hope that you know this record can kind of offer them something that maybe that they’re missing out on so what was it like having the whole family singing making your debut television debut together what was that like were they nervous were they excited I think I was more nervous than label they were readers they’re gonna like do something crazy no I was a little worried about my three-year-old because he’s he’s a wild man and it’s when you see the DVD when you see him sitting there singing like he’s got some of the cutest facial expressions I’ve ever seen like if I only knew what was going through his mind while he was up there but he’s just a wild and crazy little dude I think he did better than any of my other boys would have done at that age and I think honestly it’s because he’s got three older brothers to look up to and emulate and so he he knew what he was supposed to do anyone up here and did it and so like I was pretty proud of how special was it for you that your wife co-wrote the river of happiness with your oldest son what was that like having that family connection on the set alone it was cold for me because kind of like Jennifer said in the interview portion of the DVD I don’t put songs on my record just to put them on there regardless of who wrote them or where they came from it has to mean something to me and has to say something and so for this song to have ended up on the record means that you know I felt like it was a pretty valid song and what does that song mean to you it kind of talks about what’s to come you know it it just talks about the new heavens and the new earth and when God comes back and he makes all things new seems like the older I get the more I look forward to that but for them to write a song with that deep of a meaning was pretty impressive to me and I felt like it needed to be on the record and like I said we we wanted them to be a part of this project in some capacity and when I heard that song I’m like well dang they they already wrote the song they might as well just perform it themselves I don’t even need to be a part of this this is really a family band now oh yes going on the road playing is it Josh Turner family I can’t afford them so you’ve had a long relationship with Cracker Barrel you’ve done two live albums with them how has this relationship been a part of your career what does it meant to you to have this relationship with Cracker Barrel and how did the partnership happen you are a match made in heaven it’s the biblical isn’t it yeah when I saw this face it was like yeah it’s like country frets like just written all over I’m more of a biscuits and gravy well what’s funny those like I grew up in South Carolina and there was a Cracker Barrel within you know 50 miles of my house but it was near the interstate and you know we didn’t we didn’t make a trick to Cracker Barrel when I was growing up it was it was when I left home was when I really started becoming from here with the Cracker Barrel brand and you know living here in Tennessee obviously you know you can’t escape it and and ever since I started you know ever since I saw my record deal and started touring when you’re in a strange environment and you’re miles and miles and miles away from home and you’re kind of needing something that’s comforting you know going to a Cracker Barrel it’s the perfect way to do that going home yeah you walk in and it makes you feel at home the music playing you know the food and just friendly faces you know that meet you there at the hostess stand and it looks like it doesn’t matter where we are if we’re at a Cracker Barrel it just kind of kind of puts everybody at ease you know for a little while gift shop the gift shop is to me it’s like a honey hole it’s dangerous you you can do all your Christmas shopping there mm-hmm the title track of this of your new album I Serve a Savior one of the few original songs on this album and you wrote it tell me how that song came to you I wrote I Serve a Savior with a friend of mine that I’ve been riding with ever since I got in this business marketing arm Worth and he and I we just loved being together whether we write songs or not but we’ve always clicked together musically and we’ve written such a huge variety of different kinds of songs you know we we just love being creative we get together and we we tend to you know kind of err on the silly side sometimes that’s always better for creativity yeah and but we we have a lot of the same musical influences and same background and all of that so we we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and so I had this title written down for a while and then I presented it to him and he loved it and so I told him I’d love to sit down and write kind of like a modern-day him and when this project opportunity comes along I started looking back through a lot of my old songs and found that one might man I’d be perfect for you know this project and then after we got all the songs together and collected I felt like it was the best option for an album title so the way it worked out that’s awesome well thank you so much for joining us here at Cracker Barrell cannot wait for the release of this album and the DVD it’s gonna be so exciting good to be here yep we’re glad to have you go get some chicken-fried steak now [Laughter] the same you’re