all right we are live at the 52nd annual CMA Awards in Nashville with Josh Turner good to see you again how many years is this that we’ve been doing this I wonder now 17 for me 17 yeah that’s crazy yeah brand-new album that just came out I Serve a Savior you have always leaned into your faith in your music this one you you jumped in headstrong and yeah and really went for an inspirational album which which debuted number one of the country charts but tell me tell me why at this point in your life that was important for you to do you know up to this point I’ve just wanted to establish myself as a country artist because that’s what I’ve been called to do and I feel like I’ve done that and I’m not done with that you know I still have a lot more country music to make in me but I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a long time my fans have wanted me to do a project like this for a long time and coming off the success of you know my last record deep south and the number one single hometown girl I just felt like 2018 was God’s timing and you know allowed me you know the opportunity to really kind of you know take some time with it and put some effort into it and some heart into it and that’s what we did so not only to release a record I released a DVD which is a basically a performance of the whole record and a interview with Bill Gaither and so this project from top to bottom has just been you know such a pleasure and well done and I’m very proud of it so it also gave you an opportunity to work a little more closely with your own family – yeah what you already do but you brought into this project even my family my wife and my four boys basically you know kind of took the reins on one of the songs it was actually a song that my wife and my oldest son wrote four years ago when he was 8 actually or close to it and so yeah it’s there’s a lot of cool moments on this record now you’ve been doing this 17 years as you mentioned you’ve seen ups and downs in the music business you have boys who are you know they can’t help but show some musical talent being that their parents are both musicians but is it the kind of thing that you would wish for them certain aspects of it yes but but other aspects I wouldn’t wish it on anybody but you know you have to you have to love what you’re doing you know to do what we do and you know there’s a lot of lot of glamorous sides to it but it’s not always glitz and glamour most of it is not actually a lot a lot of moving a lot of traveling a lot of adjusting the time zones and climates and you know just always having to be own and so you know that part of it can be pretty tiring now I imagine them the holidays for a family like that that’s used to being out on the road and all very very special time and I picture in the Josh Turner household you got six stockings hanging on the mantel you got a fire going to the fireplace Turkey and the oven dogs sleeping by the fire boys come downstairs one at a time very orderly almost like the Von Trapp family saying good night how close I’m out of the truth you’re kind of close the the orderly part is not you’re nowhere near that part all right but yeah it’s like controlled chaos pretty much so yeah excellent keeps life interesting right well congratulations again I Serve a Savior brand new album from Josh Turner and an early merry Christmas to you and yeah you took the best of the family hanging out with us here at the 52nd annual CMA Awards in Nashville on new country 97 one Hank fm