behind-the-scenes coverage of the CMA Awards in Nashville see it shotgun and Charlie along with Josh Turner how are you how are you good okay Josh Lee walk in you got a little cozier jacket cuz it’s freezing rainy you were just in Florida at the rib fest I was yes so here’s my question do you rather warm weather performing or would you rather perform in colder temperatures warm weather for sure but I will say I left Nashville what was it Friday night it was 39 degrees and then I get to st. Pete Tampa area yeah and it was 84 and just completely threw me off and then I come back home and you know yesterday morning it’s like in the 20s I’m not liking this well you have to understand Nashville like if you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes it’s like you just never know what you’re gonna get down here the new gospel album which is getting rave reviews congratulations thank you so great how are them boys doing they’re good like retweets aren’t they yeah yeah so I’m glad to hear that you got the new gospel album thing and that’s awesome that’s going real well are we gonna have a new album for us as well uh I hope so you hope so yeah I mean I’m not done it’s like a diesel drug sure like a diesel that boys that’s right I love it I love it what else going on with Josh Turner these days hey just just pushing this new record and you know not only did we put out a record but we put out a DVD which is a performance of the whole record and a good long interview with Bill Gaither and so it’s it’s two separate pieces of product but it’s basically the same song same material and all that and it’s like I’m just really pleased and proud of of how well it’s done and and obviously we’ll be pushing it you know between now and who knows when I want everybody to go on her website your beard is on point your beard looks amazing thank you yeah very good it’s it takes it yours is on point to shave November just for that you raise the money for State June of course hunting deer hunting but you trim yours every day you have to I love it well I haven’t done a lot of work to it but thank you oh he’s one of those guys who doesn’t happen that’s right got that distinguished-looking little salt now what goes beautiful don’t you know thank you so much for stopping by Green Bay I really appreciate you