what is your name Josh Tanner what is your organization stand for sucks where are you based in Manchester what’s the issue that your organization was set up to tackle so we discovered that socks are one of the most requested items by homeless people which seems crazy for something we all take for granted but if you’re homeless you’re on your feet all day and you get a lot of help for health issues and although we donate money coffee’s old clothes we’d never donate your old socks because there were four items and the old zone and we frayed them away but something else that’s really needed and how is your organization dealing with the problem so if every pair of socks that we sell to consumers we donate a fake hand to that table pair to a homeless person the average person you up by 16 pairs of socks a year and probably wear for 16 hours a day on average so it’s something that we kind of take for granted back and it were P purchase and we can do a lot of good with from a fantastic earthly made product and what is your message to consumers to reevaluate your sock drawer and consider buying substan fours repair socks we sell we donate a thick antibacterial pair to homeless people around the world and with every purchase you make make sure it’s an ethical and conscious one thank you